Summer Commons Spread

Oh, the Places You’ll Go- Sydney Cohen Summer should be relaxing—sleeping until noon, binge watching Netflix and being as unproductive as possible—at least for a couple days. Whether it is across the world or two…


Technological age creates culture of cheating

The saying “cheaters never win” is an outdated phrase. Now more than ever, cheaters are winning every day. It seems students can cheat with a high level of confidence that they will not be caught….



The “Do it for Doran” event took place on May 19 after school from 2:45 to 5 p.m. to celebrate the life of principal Dr. Michael Doran The event was introduced by senior Valerie Segal,…

cropped school photo

High radon levels hit schools

Radon, a naturally occurring odorless and tasteless invisible gas that can only be discovered though testing, has been found in multiple MCPS schools, including here. According to the National Safety Council, radon is caused by…


MCPS implements easier grading policy

Next year, MCPS has made it easier for a student to earn an “A,” but the change comes with consequences as well. After previously eliminating some final exams for high school classes in the 2015-2016…

theater kids preparing

Show biz: Next year’s production predictions

As the curtain falls after the last performance of the spring show and the crowd erupts in applause, anticipation begins to build for theater performers and fans alike. The titles of the three performances this…


It’s principle that Boldon becomes new principal

After a long and strenuous year as acting principal, Kimberly Boldon was officially appointed permanent principal of the school by the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Board of Education on May 10. Boldon assumed the…


Students honored at annual awards ceremony

Swarms of students sift through the narrow doors of the auditorium. Others are perched above these masses on the stage; on the precipice of culminating their extended efforts throughout the year. As kids individually ensconce…